So here we are, once again having lived through a memorable summer and fall, facing yet another winter of indoor beer brewing. You know what THAT means… no more all-grain recipes. But the higher end kits do make a great alternative if you don’t mind losing some control over the process. I’ve resolved to stick to the Festa and Brewhouse Canada ones, as their quality is quite good, and very easy to put together. This is my usual pattern, and I usually stick to blonde and red ales. They’re a fav with my drinking buddies!

So with that said, I thought I’d recap some of this past season’s highlights, cuz there were a few worth mentioning.

Mentioning beer buddies, for the first time I hosted an afternoon of beer-making instruction for our local music jam dudes (see above pic). Once a week my neighbour cooks us supper, I bring a growler of my latest homebrew, and we jam till 9 or 10. Our lead guitarist named us the “Glam Grunge Gargoyles”, so I actually came up with a beer recipe called Triple G”. Good for a laugh…

In the past they expressed interest in a “beer day” to learn how the whole process is done, so we put together some appies, drank beer, and I went through the process of beer making for 5 or so hours. Lotsa fun, and they commented on how educational it was.

Then I did the same for a nephew of mine – he’s now hooked on homebrew! It was easy for him to find all the equipment he needed from Kijiji ads, and his partner now has me on her shit list cuz he’s so consumed with the hobby! She’s actually okay with it, but we have a chuckle over how this new endeavor of his has taken over the basement!

I found a new yeast to work with thanks to the beer club I belong to – it’s called “Kiev Oslo”, and is quite unique in how quickly it’ll ferment wort at high temps (37C) without throwing off odd flavours. It’s a godsend if you need to quickly fill up your pipeline, which I tend to do from time to time. So instead of taking a couple weeks to a month to complete, this stuff chews through wort in 7 days. Quite amazing. It’s not available commercially that I know of, so it’s gets passed around from person to person. Kinda like Friendship Bread, which gets passed from cook to cook with active yeast in the dough.

Every year since 2013 I’ve been attending our beer club’s annual get together called “BSB”, or “Brew Strange Beer”, but I had to bow out this summer thanks to an injured knee. What a bummer! Hopefully next year I won’t have an excuse to miss it – it’s my annual pilgrimage to meet all the beer buddies I chat with on-line. There’s often a pig roast, and ALWAYS a pot luck with some amazing grub. I usually bring a camera, and one of my drones to take aerial and terrestrial photos to share with the group. Always a blast!

That’s about it beer-wise, but if anything comes up to add to this blog, I’ll plug it in and keep you folks up to date with all my beer goings-on. Cheers, and Happy Holidays!