Glad you asked! Here’s what’s in the pipeline as of December 2018…

  • Batch #157: My Winter Ale, a hearty blonde beer that is my White Moustache on steroids.  I simply used more 2-row barley to up the alcohol content and flavour profile.  It ranks in at 7.6% ABV!
  • Batch #158: Perky Redhead.  A version of an Irish red ale that I’ve tweeked over the years; it’s a favourite with my music jamming buddies… We get together once a week for beer, wine, and other familiar substances, and a homecooked meal.  Oh, and we play some music too.  😉
  • Batch #159: White Moustache.  My standard blonde ale that is popular with the locals.  This batch was brewed with my single vessle BIAB setup – I’m gettin’ back to basics.  Check my beer blog for more details.

(Please note: All recipe names are trademark and copyright owned by James Hutchison unless otherwise noted.)