So, to find out the difference between an APA and an IPA (American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale), I turned to my good friend Google and discovered it’s basically the hops. APAs use stronger bittering and aroma hops that are – you guessed it – American in origin. So, the recipe for this batch called for an ounce of Palisade in at 60 minutes for bittering, then 2 ounces of Cascade in two different times: an ounce at 10 minutes for flavour, and the other ounce at 5 minutes for aroma.

But, before all that hoppyness happened, there was 10 ounces of Crystal 40 grains in a grain bag steeping in the water till the temp got up to 170 degrees F. The malt was 6 lbs of DME (dry malt extract). I look forward to doing an all-grain batch; I’ve got some on order through the beer club in Ottawa that I belong to – they get it at bulk prices! 

I love Cascade hops; it’s amazing how different they all are. Alexander Keith’s beer just came out with a “Hop Collection” – a 12-pack with 6 Hallertauer, which is Begian in origin, and 6 Cascade which is American. Each very different, each very tasty indeed.


Here’s to beer!