For those of you unfamiliar with home brewing, “all-grain” means making beer from scratch – no store-bought beer kits are used. Crushed barley grain is steeped in hot water for over an hour, removed, then the remaining “wort” is boiled, which is when hops are added. It’s a longer process than making beer from a kit, BUT – you get to make your own recipes, as there are literally hundreds of various grains to choose from.

See the making of this recipe in my blog entry “My first all-grain batch“.

So, with pride swelling in my chest, I opened my first all-grain litre of beer – it’s an American version of the now-famous IPA, or India Pale Ale. This version has notable hop flavourings, which taste much like citrus; very grapefruit-like. It isn’t perfect, but – it’s damn good! It’s quite clear, has decent head retention (i.e. the foam sticks around), and has a lingering taste that I find quite pleasant. It’s not for those who like swill beer like Coors Lite, or Miller. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but this is a craft beer with a lot of flavour, character, and, well… hard work put into it!

Onwards and upwards. I’d like to remind everyone of my future ambitions to run a small brewery here in Burnstown, so please check out for details.