Beautiful day out – why not brew some more beer? That’s exactly what I did… here I am sitting on the deck with my beautiful wife, each of us with our noses in our laptops! How’s that for being close.  😉  So ya, I did my second all-grain batch of beer today. I designed the recipe (using an application called Beer Smith), keeping as close as I could to an English IPA, so I used Northern Brewer and Goldings, East Kent hops and S-04 yeast, all ingredients that characterize English India Pale Ale. Should be yummy.

And lo and behold, as an early birthday gift, my wife Moira comes home with a taster 6-pack from Mill Street Brewery. So far I’ve had their Tankhouse ale, Stock Ale, and Don Valley Bench. All very unique, all very tasty. The Stock Ale is what some call a “lawnmower beer”; something to  suck on all day while doing outdoor chores. Hm – I should have added a slice of lime! The Tankhouse Ale is a nicely hopped ale that I’ve had before. It has slight citrus notes, a lingering bitterness, and a slight maltiness that makes this a year-round beer. The Don Valley Bench wheat beer has a very pleasant light flavour; unique to Mill Street. I’d buy this one again.

Thanks for the beer babe! When I get through the other 3, I may review them if they’re noteworthy. For now, it’s time to fire up the barbecue and cook one of those brats sittin’ in the fridge…


Happy brewing!