Brewed up a batch of oatmeal stout, a recipe I call “Oatm’Ale Stout”™. Cute name, eh? Moira came up with that one. If you know beer at all, you know it’s dark, tasty, and with a hint of oatmeal flavour and aroma. The malts used are Canadian 2-row, chocolate, and black malt. No need to add finings to clear it; you won’t be able to see through the glass anyways!  Looking forward to tasting this one.

On another note, I’ve now tasted two other recipes in my brewery line-up: a blonde ale, and an Irish ale. Both need tweaking: the blonde is too light in colour, and needs clearing, so I plan on adding a bit of crystal malt (8 oz), and perhaps try gelatin when I rack to secondary. For the Irish ale, it’s too dark and malty, so the opposite: back off on the crystal. I may even dump that recipe for another one that uses an auburn malt. Stay tuned!

Think I’ll brew that blonde this upcoming weekend…


Cheers for beers!