www.NiceGuyJim.com -My main web portal. I do lots of things in my spare time… take a peek!

www.BeerGrains.com  -A great supply site for us beer lovers; reasonable shipping prices.

www.HowToBrew.com -A comprehensive site on home brew methods and procedures.

www.HomeBrewers.ca -Some good home brewing info.

www.OneBeer.net/hopschart.html  -Hops Chart – great educational reference.

www.OntarioBeerKegs.com -Great resource if you’re kegging, and a source for ingredients.

www.BarTowel.com -Ontario-based beer info. Great discussion forum.

www.MrBeer.com -Their busy forum is second to none for the helpful people.

www.OntarioCraftBrewers.com -Get the inside scoop on Ontario microbreweries. 

www.Improvenet.com -A Beginner’s Guide to Home Brewing.