Wow, what a busy weekend: knocked off a batch of White Moustache, bottled an IPA, and – drum roll please – juiced 30 pounds of apples to make jelly. I’ll get to that in a sec…

Sunday was taken up with brewing and bottling; I’m starting to get a good rhythm going as each brew day is becoming more and more the same: heat my 8.5 gallons of strike water, measure & grind grain, add grain to water when it’s the the right temp, mash for 90 minutes… bottle a batch of beer if one’s ready, etc. etc… except Sunday was quite chilly. I don’t think it even hit 12 or 13 degrees. I know, I know… “What are you going to do when it’s 20 below?” you ask. ¬†Maybe I’ll go back to extract brewing while it’s that cold! Some dudes in the beer club I belong to brew all-grain all winter. BRRRRR! Well see about that! Anyways, brew day is now down to 5 hours, including clean-up. Used to be more like six or seven. Practice makes perfect.

So – apple jelly that isn’t. Well, after following instructions according to the Certo pectin insert, my buddy Pete & I juiced 30 pounds of apples and canned them, totally expecting apply jelly to be the final product. Nope. Not even close. After two attempts to rescue it (again, according to Certo’s instructions), all we have is a bunch of jars of apple juice. Which is okay if you like apple juice – which we do – so it wasn’t a total failure I suppose! Tomorrow: 30 more pounds of apples, and apple sauce this time – no setting required!

I know apples have nothing to do with beer, but, I did have a chunk of apple land in my IPA, and it tasted okay! That, plus the fact we consumed a significant amount of the stuff… Hm. I wonder if that is why the juice didn’t gel…


Cheers for beers!