Well, if you’re also bottling, and smoking a beef roast at the same time! What can I say; I’m a sucker for punishment. I’m on holidays, so I’m using up my time brewing and going on brewery tours. You see a theme here? 😉

Started a bit late, so after clean-up, it was about 7:30 pm. The roast turned out awesome… I used the “3-2-1” method, which professional competitors are starting to use now… 3 hours smoking, 2 hours in tin foil, and one final hour with no tin foil. But I digress – this is a beer blog after all! So, I bottled a batch of Irish ale, and wow did it ever look clear. I’ve started using something called “Clarity Ferm” from White Labs. It’s supposed to clear the beer, and prevent chill haze (Google it…) It’s some kind of enzyme mix that comes in little plastic test tubes. I’ve yet to drink my beer made with it, so I’ll keep you posted.

Then I decided to make another batch of my IPA, but with a lighter mix of crystal 80, so it will be not quite so dark. I’ll post pics when I pour a glass of it in about 6 or 7 weeks. I actually found out that the crystal 40 I ordered was crystal 80, so my beers were turning out darker that planned. Oh well, lesson learned. I imagine this is a life-long process of learning to become a brewmaster!

My feet are sore, my kitchen is a mess, and I’ve yet to have supper… but DAMN what a great day!

Cheers for beers people.





Here’s all my hops and finings lined up for the boil…


It was a dark and damp day, so the boil was really obvious when photographed.