Three weeks of of blissful nothingness. Well, not really… Me and Pete (a buddy from Burnstown) will be doing a brewery tour tomorrow in Perth, and tasting some craft beer. This will characterize my next three weeks… beer company tours, brewing awesome beer, AND volunteering at the Calabogie Blues and Ribs Fest this weekend. It’ll be a hoot; I seem to have garnered the title of “Mayor of Utopia” from last year when all us RV’ers decided that we were a city in our own right. Fun shit.


About to crush my grain for today’s brew.


So, Sunday I brewed an Irish ale, and today (Tuesday), it was an IPA. I’ve been disappointed in the lack of hop flavour of my last batch, where I kept them in a hop bag… i.e., contained the hop pellets in a nylon bag while boiling  the wort. So for the last couple of brews, I just tossed them in “commando” style. To keep them from the fermenter bucket, I poured the cooled wort through another brew-in-a-bag nylon filter… giving me the best of both worlds: I get to boil hops in the wort unrestricted, then filter them out at the end. That keeps a huge amount of sludge out of the primary fermenter. (Jim shines his fingernails…)

My next beer activity is a tour, then consuming my product at the Ribs and Blues fest this weekend, then more tours and brewing next week. Updates to come.

Cheers for Beers!