Certain people are starting to call me a brewing machine… can’t blame them; I did one last brew day today while on holidaysyielding yet another batch of my “White Moustache”. (Take a peek at the “What’s Brewin'” page 😉 .) It’s a mild blonde ale very suited to summertime consumption… meaning more than one in a row! Quite nice with a slice of lime. Yes, I’m full tilt into the batch I bottled a couple weeks ago. I’m really impressed with its simple taste, so it’s my flavour of the month for now. The recipe’s a keeper. And, it’s quite clear in the glass, meaning the finings I’m using are effective. I use Irish moss, and Clarity Ferm… a double whammy that does a great job cleaning up those extra proteins and gluten that can cloud up your beer.

Thought I’d try the oatmeal stout I bottled a few weeks ago as well. It’s so dark, you can’t see through the glass! I’m not a big stout drinker during the summer, so I can see this being a fall/winter favourite. But the flavours are nice; not too overpowering, with that slight hint of oatmeal.  Quite yummy!

Cheers for beers!