So, there I was, all ready to brew an English IPA: grain was crushed, strike water heating up, and I go check out my hops stock – and – CRAP! I don’t have the right hops!  You see, it’s the kind of hops that differentiate an English IPA from and American IPA. *Sigh*

I have a lot of Northern Brewer, Cascade, and Centennial, so, in mid-stream, I changed my recipe. And I’m actually glad I did, because if you’ve read my previous post, the American IPA I’m now drinking is frikin’ awesome. Except this time around, my mash temperature and Irish moss measurements were dead on. And only hours after pitching the yeast, it’s already bubbling away.

Also, the “hot break” was the best one I’ve had so far since I started brewing all-grain. (See pic below). A hot break happens during the first few minutes of boiling, when a lot of froth builds up. (If the boiling kettle isn’t large enough, it will boil over causing a helluva mess, but mine is adequate for 7.5 gallons of wort.) After a few minutes, it subsides as the proteins in the wort change their structure.

All in all, a very successful brew day. Heck, I even found time to make up another batch of my hot sauce. I put that %^#* on everything!   😉


Cheers for beers!